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“You break it, We’ll mend it!”

Our Services

Explore our wide range of specializing technical services.

Custom Gaming PC’s

When shopping for a new PC, it is important to choose one that is compatible with how you want to use it. 

Screen Replacement

A broken screen can be quite frustrating to watch for a long period of time.  We do screen replacements for most devices.

Home Networking

Need a network setup done for your new office/home? We can help you get this done in a timely manner.

It's not dead. Just broken!

Many times you are forced to purchase a brand new device only because you are not technically skilled to do the repair yourself. Fortunately, you don't have to with Jeron’s Technical Services - JTS LLC

Our Story

Jeron’s Technical Services - JTS LLC

My name is Jeron Davidson, the CEO of Jeron’s Technical Services – JTS LLC. I have a little over 10 years of technical experience which inspired me to start my own business. I’ve been passionate about technology since the age of 15. Some of my viable experiments include repairing broken/old computers, assembling PC’s from start to finish, upgrading and modifying system software/hardware, as well as many other forms of troubleshooting. 

J. Davidson